Sunday, January 4, 2015

A year of Grumblings

So, another year has passed and I am back from my self imposed hiatus.

There have been so many things going on this year that my ability to devote extra time to griping online has been seriously limited. I's unfair to my vast amount (much sarcasm) of followers to not post my deeply insightful (also sarcasm) take on current events.

I will try to make up for this now. Here it is... grab a drink and a smoke and buckle may be a ramble of catchup venting.

First off - Racism / Ferguson / "White Privilege"

Since America is now a nation where only white people can be racist...and for that matter ALL white people are evil racists, I guess this is just another racist rant. (even though I have never cared about skin tone) I have seen racial tensions grow in this country over the last 6 years to a level that I have never seen. This doesn't mean that there haven't been worse times, but with 45+ years since the civil rights movement...there is no need for this anymore. Especially when most of it is being fabricated so that a small element can continue to play the victim card. It's real simple....if you rob stores and attack police officers, you might just get shot by the police. Do I think that Mike Brown deserved to die over this? No, he was a kid that still had his whole life ahead of him. However, I have to ask myself what damage he might have done had he not been killed. Not a stretch to conclude that he would have just become another criminal that was in and out of the system until he committed a crime big enough to throw away the key. I also have to wonder why the first reaction of those who thought Ferguson was an injustice was to riot and burn their own community? How does this help the situation? And in the aftermath of the grand jury decision we have elected officials that are openly calling this injustice? LET ME BE CLEAR: (yes I am talking to you State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal) the grand jury would have much preferred to hand down an indictment. They weren't living in a bubble. They knew what could happen if they didn't and that it may even put their lives in danger....there wasn't evidence of a crime to charge the officer with. Some people seem to forget that this "gentle giant" had just finished robbing a store and assaulting the business owner minutes before. With all the evidence in front of us...somehow white people are still to blame for this happening? Cops are all bad and need to be attacked due to this? Just plain stupid and also just an excuse for some folks to play the victim card. The real victim in Ferguson is the officer and the business owners that have suffered from this. Which brings me to the conversation about "white privilege". I am not really sure what this is but I haven't been given any free pass in life because of my skin color and neither should anyone else. Nuff said.

Global Warming? Again? Really?
Sigh......MMGW is a religion so I won't waste much time on this...again. Just check out the link below....add it the the great big pile of data that debunks MMGW. I don't expect supporters of The Church of Gore to agree...but whatever. sigh...

Ok, so I will let everyone off easy...this is the end of my new years rant, for now. 

Hopefully I will post more than once a year, but maybe people should only have to suffer my opinions once a year. Except for my family :) ... did I meantion how much I love and adore my family?

Have a wonderful 2015 everyone!!!!

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