Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We shut the government down over what?

Did you hear that they shut the government down? No really, they did. I know...I haven't noticed anything different either.

What really gets me is the reason why. They shut it down over ACA? Really?

Isn't that kind of like shutting down the internet because you don't agree with Myspace?

What I mean is...much like Myspace, the ACA is doing much more to destroy itself then anyone else could.

This load of legislative feces is so wrought with issues that there is no need to "defund" it when you could let the misery it creates unfold and then gain the much needed support to repeal it.

Let's just ponder the following examples;

- The fact that the government, that is already irresponsibly monitoring us and can't keep information safe, will use your health exchange information to create a new database on Americans. One that can be used by "authorities" or "auditors" and doesn't really define what that means.


- Due to the information needed to maintain such a program the American public has been opened up to another risk for scams and fraud.


- There's the laughable issue that they can't even get the ACA websites to work...even though this was passed many years ago. You would have thought that they knew it was coming.


It's this type of nonsense that prompted Indy's Abdul Hakim Shabazz to question his followers if it even made any sense to shut down the government over this.

Abdul stated (paraphrasing) that it would have been better to just pass a C.R. and then save your mojo for the debt limit debate.

I happen to agree. I think that the Republicans didn't really gain much with the shutdown....well other than getting a chance to watch the Dems act like petulant children in retaliation. 

Like, for example....barricading the WWII memorial or treating Yellowstone visitors like they are criminals while at the same time allowing an immigrant-rights rally on the National Mall.


So nice that our present administration will pick and choose whom to harass.

Seems that far too many are living in that Washington bubble and have forgotten that they serve at the pleasure of the citizens of the United States.

But in the end....government open / government closed....still just the same bad players doing the same bad things.

How would we know they were closed if they didn't tell us?

Picture courtesy of Walt Handelsman-Tribune Content Agency

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