Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reading is friggin' fundamental!

Ok, so time to deviate from my typical political rant and just spend a moment pointing out how lazy the typical person is.

In my job reading is a crucial part of properly executing the functions of my position.

I have to believe that it is the same regardless of where you work.

But somehow I am plagued daily by folks that are just too damned lazy to read the words right in front of their faces.

For example;

I provide support for a program that is utilized by my companies clients. I get several calls everyday where the person on the phone will say "Yeah, I'm getting errors when I do this function."

So I respond, "Ok, what does the error say?"

"It says I am missing this specific information"

I mute the phone....grumble about how stupid the world has become and then answer "Well, you need to provide the specific information." Like the damned error told you in the first place!

I only think the last part as I do still need to retain my employment and despite how stupid they are they still pay my paycheck. 

It's not just external clients that have this affliction. I get the same thing from folks that I work with.

I will send a request to have something processed and at least once a month I get something back with the question "Please inform what needs to be done."

In which I respond "Per previous notes, please do ..."

Damn people, I don't write in ancient hieroglyphics. These are very straightforward, simple instructions.

I could understand if what I was asking was somehow complicated, or the person had never dealt with a similar issue before, but that is not the case. These are the same requests these folks process every dang day!

They just get lazy and refuse to read! They expect me to read for them and I just will not go to that extreme. I work hard and absolutely will not hold a grown man / woman's hand to do simple tasks.

My wife has gotten quite a taste of this herself when posting items for sale for her business. She will post a picture and the caption will clearly say "Item costs x amount", but she will still get a ton of messages saying "I love your item, how much is it?" Friggin really?

Or when she has one of her shows she will post an ad that clearly states where and when, but will still have tons of knuckleheads asking where and when the show is.

So she has learned to deal with these people by responding "Please read the post / ad."

I find it amazing that we are now in a society where phone calls are becoming obsolete because texting is the new talking and at the same time peoples ability to actually read (and write intelligibly) is getting worse.

Stop being lazy people!! Save yourself the embarrassment of appearing illiterate and just read before you ask questions that never need to be asked.


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