Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's everyone else's fault that I'm a tard!

I was trying to relax this morning with a little tv / computer time but then saw something that compelled me to come out here and rant to the world.

There was a show on in which a guy had a ghost (sigh) experience when he was younger and now blames all of the issues in his life on this "traumatic" experience.

Really!?! So you became a worthless dirtbag, drug addict because you saw a ghost (sigh again) when you were younger?

Now it would be easy enough to just laugh this moron away but it got me thinking about how our entire society is now obsessed with blaming anything that happens to them on someone else.

This can be seen daily in our litigious society.

God forbid you own a store and someone stubs their toe...they will probably sue and probably win.

At least I can understand the blame game in regards to suing. People see it as a type of lottery. Doesn't make it any less ethical but I can see where it comes from. 

What I can't understand is the need to blame your parents, the government, your boss ect.... for YOU being worthless.

I actually read a story recently where doctors are being urged to stop blaming fat people for being fat. That somehow it isn't their fault that they grew to epic proportions. Really!!!

I see these people parking in handicap spots everyday and just want to smack them. You don't need a handicap spot or a Rascal to drive around the store in. What you need is less cup cakes and more exercise you lazy blubber butt! You shouldn't park close to the store but at the end of the lot...the walk may actually do you some good.

Or you have the folks that want to blame their parents because they didn't turn out to be super stars.

I can agree that good parenting plays a large part in developing successful adults...however, there comes a time in everyone's life when they are an an adult and success or failure is squarely on their own shoulders.

Mommy and Daddy may not have given you every tool for success but using that as an excuse as to why you have become a crap-bag is ridiculous. Take charge of your life, because no one else is really responsible for your success.

And how about the folks that blame government for everything? I can't stand how our government is being run currently but I will continue to strive to be the most successful person that I can be regardless of the political climate.

Simple fact of the matter is....if you continue to blame others for YOUR situation then you will never become any better than you are.

Bad things happen in everyone's lives. The difference between those that are successful and those that are failures? The successful people use their bad experiences to motivate them....failures don't feel like putting forth the effort so they find a convenient scapegoat and hope for sympathy.

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