Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is the planet warming or cooling and how does that effect my property value?

There is a much heated debate out there in regards to rather the planet is heating or cooling. Strangely, my research has shown that it does both about every six months. 

The heat seems to really peak around August and then tends to be unpleasantly cold come February. 

I hope that the government does something about this soon because it costs way too much to buy two wardrobes for three kids. Sheesh!!!

Now, I am certainly not a climate researcher but I do have the ability to read and am just enough of a skeptic to know that if one side spends more time calling the other stupid instead of actually debating the facts...then well, maybe their argument isn't that solid. 

As to where I fall on the global warming issue?

I can't deny that I have seen some very compelling research to support man made global warming (MMGW). But I have seen as much or more that either completely debunks this "research" or at least justifies further examination. 

The funny thing is that those on the MMGW side, for some reason, don't really want to take an objective look at the issue. They tend to just label anyone that offers a dissenting view as just plain stupid and not worthy of breathing their ever heating oxygen. 

This really enfuriates me because this is an issue that should not be political. It should not matter what religion, country, sexual orientation, or pet preference that you have...everyone should want to get to the bottom of this. 

Of course those on the MMGW side feel they already know all of the facts and that there isn't anything more to say? 

Really?!? I thought that the first rule of a real scientist is that nothing is beyond research until every question has been conclusively solved. Which, at the very least, is not the case with global warming. 

There is quite a bit of hard data showing that the earth has actually been cooling...but these folks just won't let up. 

Here is a quote in a story from the laughable - "while temperatures have remained relatively static over the last decade, very little can be learned about climate change in a 10-year window."

WTH? Aren't these the same people that claim we have had the hottest years within the last decade due to MMGW? 

So when you guys make the claim it's scientific...but when someone challenges you with facts then you use your own argument to supposedly debunk the retort? 

Selective science...nice, it's also the reason I believe very little these MMGW's folks say. 

I wonder what they would have to say to the notion that we have had natural cycles this hot (or hotter) for quite some time and will have them until probably the end of time? The link below cites research showing that we have always had these fluctuations.

Another report that I read shows that CFC's were actually the guilty compound and not CO2. It also states that the ozone has been replenishing due to the reduction of these gases in the atmosphere.

But tell this to the MMGW crowd and you will get hippie slapped, if they don't just try to run you down with their Prius.  
So what's the real answer then? I don't know, that's why I am infuriated that these "scientists" won't get together and actually start being objective about the Earth's climate.  

But, in the mean time... a cleaner planet is in everyone's best interest. We absolutely should continue working on cleaner fuel sources. Let's clean up our water and land and not cause any long term damage. 

And until then the Al Gore 'Man-Bear-Pig' members may need to accept that they don't know everything or at the very least their approach to the issue is highly suspect.

It's like the lazy cop that finds a woman murdered and decides it has to be the husband that did it. So from that point on all he looks for is evidence the husband is a cold-blooded killer. When you start your investigation working from your supposed answer may very well find supportive evidence but it doesn't mean that you are right. He might actually be able to find enough for a conviction but that doesn't make it any less dispicable if someone is wrongly convicted. 

Also, the MMGW manifesto really looks more like a page out of the uni-bombers playbook. It seems aimed at destroying the very industialized superpowers that actually have the resources to examine and find a rational course of action.

Great, you idiots! Don't you realize that if you destroy the economies of the most influential countries in the world then you will cause anarchy and war. How good is that for the environment that you claim to be protecting?  

What? That's not what they're saying. Well you may want to take a closer look at what they are proposing and the actual effect that it would have on the world economy.  I personally believe that if they were able to get their way than you would see something far worse than smaller icebergs. 

We can have a cleaner planet and an industrialized free market society too, and if you chicken little types were half as smart as you actually think you are then maybe you could actually come up with some reasonable solutions. 
Or...maybe, It's just possible we have been around for so long because the earth is a little more resilient than we give it credit for.

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