Friday, September 27, 2013

Insurance for everyone and effective healthcare for none.

It's long overdue that I put my two cents in about the ridiculous legislation that is the Affordable Care Act.

As a footnote...I refuse to call it by its popular moniker because I will not let all of the other despicable "leaders" of this country, who voted this abomination into law, deflect blame by attaching it to one even more despicable "leader".

The legal experts and professional bean counters will need to be the folks who explain the details of how this 2,000 to 40,000 page monstrosity works. Yes I know that there is a 38K span in my possible page listing for ACA. This is because, apparently, there is still much debate as to the exact size of the complete legislation. Regardless, even the low estimate is far greater than any legislation ever passed would need to be.

I'm not here to try and break down the intricacies of this as I have absolutely no desire to spend the next year trying to read and decipher this garbage. A little common sense is all you need to know that this was a bad idea from day one.

First lets start with the fact that there was way too much division in the opinions on this among American voters for it to have ever been forced down our gullets.

Nancy Pelosi actually had the gall to declare that Congress would have to pass the bill before they knew what was in it. Does that, in any way, make sense to anyone? Really Nancy?

How's about you actually read the laws you are passing so that those who vote you into office know what they have signed off on? Funny might actually be your job to begin with you mindless shrew!

Now, to be fair, I know I said earlier that I wasn't going to spend the time to read this bill. Is that just lazy on my part? Maybe...but I prefer to think that I have enough sense to know that anything the government proposes that is that long and even they don't understand, is bad for the country. I don't really need to digest the whole thing to understand that concept.

I have never eaten poop before but I am smart enough to know that it's bad for you!

Another simple aspect of why this is a bad idea is that it was sold as being cost neutral. My daughter in Kindergarten has enough sense to understand that you can't provide anything, even if it was say...candy bars, to everyone and not have it cost something significant.

Wow, our wonderful government must have stumbled onto the holy grail of economics. Provide, essentially, unlimited health care for everyone without it costing anything. Unless he just meant that he would cut the entire cost of this beast straight out of the current budget? Yeah...I didn't think so.

 If it was so "cost neutral" then why have companies all over the country been cutting full time jobs and dropping company sponsored health care because of the ...hmmmm, what was the reason they gave? Oh, that's right...the cost!!!

Another sad example is the folks that build and sell medical equipment.

Then there is the fact that we will be giving the IRS a great deal more authority. Who in their right mind, liberal or conservative, actually thinks it's good idea to give the IRS even more ability to rob hard working folks the fruits of their labor?

Look, the simple fact is that you can't offer something equal to everyone that everyone isn't paying equally for.

People will try to say that health care is a right...well, in one sense they are correct.

If you are bleeding to death then you have a right to have a doctor stitch you up regardless if you have health insurance or not.

However, that doesn't mean we open up the flood gates to overload the system so that it becomes ineffective for everyone.

Life is not a fairy tale. There is reality we have to live with and that reality is that everything costs money and not everyone will get everything.

Math seems to be a forgotten art for those who so desperately want to cling to the idea that ACA is a good idea.

And if that wasn't enough...Congress and the President will be exempt? WTH?!? They forced this on America saying how great it was and they don't even want to participate in it?

Well, before I ramble on so long that my blog resembles an ACA "mini-me", I will close with just a few final points.

1) Government has never run anything, other than possibly the military, with any degree of competence and efficency.

2) Forcing folks to help everyone does not make you a good person nor does it make us a great society. Anything that is forced is no longer a good act.

3) This is the most important one....Stop letting your government dictate every aspect of your lives. Americans need to take charge and remind those knuckleheads in Washington who really runs the show.


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