Tuesday, September 3, 2013

God bless abortions and I guess it's a choice to throw kids in the trash?

The abortion debate was around long before I was born and has been discussed from every possible angle. That always seemed strange to me as both legally an morally there really isn't anything to discuss.

I know that anything I say probably will not change the minds of those who have no issue with exterminating children and calling it choice but I'm a selfish man and will put my sexist views out here anyway. (sarcasm)

Especially considering there are those who are now thanking God for abortions. Seriously, I WISH I was making that up.


Really!?! I guess libs don't have a problem acknowledging God if they can claim the creator supports their views. Isn't that what they are always accusing conservatives of? ...hmmmm

I don't necessarily prescribe to any organized religion, which just means I have faith in God but don't attend a church. I have my own reasons for this but it's not the point of this blog...

After reading the "prayer" from a liberal that is giving thanks to God for abortions...I had to snap back. This is about as disgusting as it gets!

First of all, I am beyond tired of the argument that abortion is a choice for only women. I completely disagree.

A woman can't get pregnant on her own so a man was in that equation somewhere. Simply being nature's vessel for growing babies doesn't nullify a man's rights for a being that shares half of his DNA. A father has rights raising a child so the same should be true for his not-yet-born child. Right?

Women do have a choice, just not to abort. Their choice is to have or not have sex, just like it is for a man.

A man cannot simply say he doesn't want the child and have it aborted. If he doesn't want the child then the courts will say "Too bad, should have thought about that before you got her knocked up."

If women truly want equality then the same should apply for their sexual behavior.
I have never understood the angry argument for abortions. What's even more confusing is the very people who want every woman to be able to just abort, instead of making better life decisions, also want the government to provide for all of its citizens needs from cradle to grave.

The trick is being able to make it to the cradle.

I have heard the assertion that a fetus is not a child and so abortion is not immoral. That's a silly argument.

No one can dispute that from the moment the sperm hit the egg that the process of you becoming you began.

You want to prosecute people that cause a fetus to die when the mother is abused but if the mother chooses to kill that fetus then all of a sudden it's just fine? Where is the logic in that statement?

You don't have to be a religious nut to know that killing a being that can't defend itself is just wrong.

What does it say about the human race in general to place such little value on the lives of their own offspring?

Speaking of which...these next two stories just illustrate why having a strong moral code is necessary for the survival of any nation.



If abortions are a legal choice then why would we even try to prosecute a mother who chooses to dump her baby in the trash or one that chooses to suffocates a newborn in a bar? 

Isn't that her choice?

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