Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Five ways to score a better government or your money back.

Seems like everything in our government has been turned into a complicated mess. Some would say this is just the way things are for the most advanced nation on the planet...but I think that it's actually very simple and has been sold as complicated to create job security for all of the jabber-jaws whose job it is to act like they actually understand the words coming out of their own mouths.

The economy is a very good example. If you listen to five different "economists" you will get five far different takes on the state of the nation. They will blather on about how the futures market is doing this or how quantitative easing (ie...just printing more damned money) is either the necessary elixir or the unavoidable poison. They will spend hours talking about how the DOW is responding to rumors that Obama is having a colonoscopy or how Cheney's Death Star project has left the country overextended. blah...blah...blah...

This is exactly the type of verbal feces that we see in every aspect of government these days. One side is claiming that the sky is falling and the other is trying to justify building an overly complex net.

The citizens of this country need to understand that this is by design. That late at night in the Lincoln bedroom R's & D's fornicate while laughing at the amazingly complex game they have (quite successfully) constructed to keep each other in power over every aspect of us "simple folks" lives forever.

So...I thought that I might just try to simplify things a little. Cut through the haze drifting out of Washington to every corner of this nation.

1) The Economy - It isn't rocket science. It's math. The government should be constitutionally required to make sure that the +'s are greater than the -'s at all times. If a company goes under....well, it goes under and then makes way for a more responsibly run organization to take it's place...No Bailouts!!!

2) Political Parties - Everyone has the right in this country to join any club they want, but for the purpose of running for office... No Political Parties! This will eliminate the home team mentality of the political process. Each candidate must run on their own ideas and not hide behind a "party platform". Because...let's be honest, most people have ideas from the left and the right regardless of which way they lean.

3) Presidential Elections - No more VP's riding on the coat tails of the presidential candidate. There was actually a time in this country when the person with the second most presidential votes was the person who became VP. This should have never changed. Why would anyone want to have a person in the number two spot who we rarely paid much attention to in the first place. Simple... all candidates run and the person with the most votes is President and the person with the second most votes is VP. This will greatly increase the chance that the top two Executive Branch positions will be filled by persons who have differing ideals and thus better represent the overall interests of the country as a whole.

4) Border Reform  - Really simple and this really needed to be done a very long time ago. It's not hard. You have to be a citizen to benefit from the fruit of this nation. Pick a date, no less that one year out, inform everyone that as of said date anyone currently in the country illegally must have started their naturalization process or risk deportation. From that date forward there should be a zero tolerance to illegal border crossings, but there should also be a highly simplified method for initiating the citizenship process. If you're not a criminal and are willing to respect our nations rule of law, I say "Welcome aboard!"

5) Foreign Policy - We have got to stop policing the world. It's not our job and we have enough garbage of our own to clean up...like Weiner running for Mayor. Seriously though, we need to stick to protecting our borders, assisting our allies when they are actually (not hypothetically) threatened and the rest of the time we really need to mind our own business. If you go around the neighborhood poking bee hives then it is only a matter of time before you get stung. Not to mention the fact that America has a bad habit of backing the very folks that come back later to, well, sting us. You would have thought we would have learned our lesson with Bin Laden. (If you don't know, just Google Russia's conflict in Afghanistan...but you really should know)

That's it...my five policies for a better government. Once this is done then all of the other social issues and so forth can be worked out and I would say we might actually see some progress if we just force those chucleheads in D.C. to abide by our rules for a change.

I mean....it is supposed to be a county of the people by the people....right?

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