Sunday, September 8, 2013

An ounce of hard work is worth more than a ton of complaining.

My wife and I have been very sick this last week so I predict that may actually be a short blog. (and there was much rejoicing)

I have heard way too much complaining lately from people that cannot or will not take responsibility for their lot in life.

From the fast food workers wanting to be paid $15.00 an hour to the Walmart folks staging protests, it's just enough to turn my stomach.

My wife and I have worked very hard to ensure that we are able to have our kids in a good neighborhood / school system. But sometimes we still struggle and don't know how we are going to make ends meet.

I know what it's like having to struggle and I can sympathize with most people on this issue, however, I take exception with the way too many of them have decided to deal with their struggle. 

Last week, while we were able to get all of the bills paid in full, we were left with about $150 to get us through two weeks. This includes gas for the car, food for 5 people ect....

Unfortunately the $150 barely got us through one week and we were left in a tough position. Borrow or figure it out.

This is where my wife, God bless her, is exceptional.

She was able to put together a last minute sale, she does vintage and antique re-purposing, and despite her being sick was able to pull us out of the hole.

We all have struggles in life. My wife and I certainly are not even close to rich. In fact based on our income most would expect us to live in far less affluent part of town, but we fight and fight to make things work.

That's what life is all about...the struggle. That's what separates those who can't help but succeed and those just destined to fail. It's all about the willingness to struggle.

So, my advice to all of those out there complaining that they do not make enough? Maybe spend some of that time you waste complaining and do something that will have a real effect on your condition.

Life does not owe you owe it to yourself to be the best person that you can be.

Don't be discouraged by the struggle....embrace it.

Once again....Thanks to my wonderful wife who is my beautiful partner in this struggle called life. Take a moment to check out the other wonderful things she is doing at The Vintage Farmhouse.

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