Monday, September 16, 2013

1984 was only a little premature...but not by much

It's amazing the way art imitates life. Well...not amazing, scary, horrifying, repugnant more like it.

George Orwell's 1984 and Ann Rynd's Atlas Shrugged are some good examples of the aforementioned repugnant way that fiction can become reality.

I was just reading a story about how the NSA (and other government agencies for that matter) can essentially get away with illegal domestic spying by simply declaring that the evidence against them is classified and thus cannot be used in a court case.

It's very convenient (for government anyway) when you are able to remove the checks and balances allowing you to basically run amok. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court ruled way back in the 70's that government must obtain a warrant to spy on their own citizens.

And then there's that pesky 4th Amendment thingy, always getting in the way of governments ever growing eyeball.

Course, who needs to worry about the rule of law when you operate in secrecy and can just claim your information is classified when requested?

By the way...Liberals are no better than Conservatives on this issue. So, I guess the good side is that it is some common political ground for the crazy house in Washington. 

Snowden may not have gone about things the right way, but when faced with a  government that has completely crossed over into criminal activity on a regular basis...I really don't blame him.

I could go on for hours about how these intrusions are unwarranted and an overreach of the constitutionally set powers of our federal government, but I won't. It doesn't even take any research ability to find abuse after abuse after....well you get the point.

This has to end!

The price of freedom is that you will have some chuckleheads that can fly under the radar.

But, even if it wasn't...our wonderful NSA and other intelligence gathering entities aren't really stopping events from happening.

Hell, a few of them just shot up a US Naval yard today.

If I am going to have every aspect of my life monitored then this kinda crap better not ever happen. 

What's that NSA? You can't stop everything? Well duh!!!

That's why I will take living in a dangerous world with freedom over living in a dangerous world with only the illusion of security any day of the week. Especially when the illusion is bought by sacrificing everything that we hold up as making this country great.

You hear that NSA? I'm talking to you...stay out of my emails, phone calls, and credit card transactions! Unless you are going to deposit that case I can't really argue.

If you want to do something productive then "accidentally" post my blog all over the internet so that maybe I can catch up with my wife in followers.

How do you say "Who is John Gault?" in Newspeak?

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