Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let's all strike our way to the unemployement line!

Lately I have heard way too many stories about fast food workers that are "striking" to demand higher wages. I put the quotes around striking because you have to be in a union to actually strike.

So lets call this what it really is. People ditching work to complain about the job they chose.

These knuckleheads are lucky that I am not their boss. I would fire the lot of them immediately. What gall to protest the very place that is providing your paycheck.

Now I do understand that these are not very good paychecks but the decision to work there was not forced, even though some would have you believe that these poor unfortunate souls had to take the low paying job because there aren't any jobs out there.

Don't these mental midgets realize that if they actually got their way then it would only be a matter of time before the industry they work for disappeared? Well, they obviously don't understand basic economics by the fact that they expect $15.00/hour for non skilled labor that was never intended as a career choice. 

So let me spell this out for you folks in NY, Detroit, and even in my own Indianapolis. If your employer had to pay you what you are asking...they would have to raise the price of food to cover this cost. The customer isn't going to pay much more for crappy fast food so people would stop buying and thus - You would be out of a job! Or, they would have to fire about half of you to cover the additional cost and thus - You would be out of a job!

Not to mention the fact that a job at McDonalds isn't designed to support a family.

"But there ain't no jobs, and I don't have no college...and I make excuses for everything that happens to me" ...blah blah blah!

I get just a little more than irritated at this, primarily because I know better.

When I was younger I dropped out of high school to be a Rock n' Roll star! Would have been cool as hell if I actually had the talent but suffice to say that didn't happen.

I chose party and puke instead of going to college and continuing my education so my work opportunities suffered greatly.

I worked at a pizza place, as a dish washer, park maintenance, construction labor ect... Basically all the non skilled jobs I could find.

But I never, ever, even for a moment thought about standing on the sidewalk and holding a sign that disparaged the establishments that I worked for.  I was thankful for every job that I had. I was able to pay my bills and put food in my mouth (albeit sometimes just barely).

As I got older I realized that I actually wanted to have more out of life and knew that this would require a little more ambition. So I went back and got my high school diploma. I worked hard and looked for opportunities. Starting late has been its own obstacle but it has never stopped my progress. I have fought and worked for years to be where I am today.

I am not rich by a long shot but my wife and I live in a nice community and have been able to ensure that our kids go to some of the best schools in the state. All it took was the determination to do so.

I am not a genius, despite my own assertions of this. I may not even be the most clever guy. Buy what I do have is the fire in my belly to do better each and every day. This is the driving factor that has kept me and my family moving upwards for the better part of a decade now.

Even when the economy tanked and I was laid off, when everyone said..."there ain't no jobs", I was able to find work.

It took me less than a week to find a job. Now granted it was for less than my previous position but it paid the bills and kept the kids fed. Then just a few months later I jumped at an opportunity and was able to land a job with an excellent company for much more than what I had come from.

But I am not done yet...I am taking classes related to my position in an effort to move to the next level. And I will get there because if you never stop then it's inevitable that you will reach your destination.

I have to wonder how hard I would have tried if one of these jobs that I had when I was younger would have succumbed to bullying and payed me a skilled wage. Would I have had any reason to try and work hard? Probably not.

The forgotten factor here is that working your way out of those jobs helps to make you the person that you are. I am a much tougher and resourceful person than I ever was when I was younger. I am so very thankful that I worked a crap job that didn't provide for all if my desires... because it motivated me to try for more.

If all you aspire for is the bottom, then just sit down. But don't complain about it because you are sitting right where you chose to stop.