Saturday, August 31, 2013

If you shovel poop, don't be upset when you stink.

I have heard way too much whiny complaining lately! It seems that people everywhere just expect everything to be magically handed to them without making any changes or applying any effort.

From the fast food workers demanding ridiculous wages to the lazy malcontents that would rather make excuses instead of putting their feet to the pavement and forging their own destiny, people everywhere seem to be walking around with an undeserved sense of entitlement.

Excuses are the biggest cancer that threatens our wonderful Republic. Too many seem addicted to just resign themselves to mediocrity and then blame someone that actually puts forth the effort as the source of their woes.

I am poor, statistically speaking. I make 70K less than the median income of my town and about 14K less than the median income for my state. I don't complain about it, in fact I see it as motivation to accomplish more. Despite the fact am technically below the poverty line I still find a way to keep the bills paid and the kids fed. Not only do I provide the necessities but we also have two gaming systems, two flat screen TV's, cable, internet, a pool, and still have the ability to do fun things like the family's annual apple orchard trip. (BTW - if you've never gone it's a nice family outing)

So I just get infuriated when I hear others, whom often are driving better vehicles and have nicer cloths, making excuses about how someone else is to blame for why they can't get a job or a leg up in life. I get even hotter when these same people gripe that the government ( tax dollars) should provide more benefit programs.

Why the hell should I have more of my hard work leached from me to provide for someone that can't even make a basic effort to better their life?

I know that you may have heard some of this from previous blogs, but just hear me out. When my wife and I first moved in together, 7 years ago, I was between jobs. We had to have a yard sale to pay the first months rent. I quickly got a job and have progressively (ironically used) advanced each year. We are now living in a nice area with good schools and low crime and amazingly I didn't need the government to accomplish this.

I have never had an issue getting a job. I didn't go to college, not saying that's a good thing, just wanted to squash another excuse. The only specialized instruction I have is the satellite communications training from my time in the Army, but yet every time I have needed a job I found one in a relatively short period of time.

This has been in both good and bad economic times. It may not have been the job I desired. I probably had to work for less than I wanted but I have always been able to find something to keep the lights on and put food on the table. Amazingly all it took was me putting forth a little effort.

Here's my little secret and you don't even have to pay $19.99 + Shipping for the DVD.

I refused to stop looking for a job until I had one. I did not fill out an application and then sit on my arse waiting for someone to call. I called them...because after all, it certainly helps if your prospective employer sees a little initiative. I wore appropriate clothing and spoke clearly and professionally. This has been a proven method for finding a job my entire life.

I have found that far too many Americans speak and dress trashy and then wonder why others don't take them seriously. The movers and shakers of this world are probably not those with their pants down so low you can see their underwear (other than the occasional politician caught in a scandal) and they are also not those who can't form a sentence that isn't almost entirely comprised of slang. 

If you want to succeed in this world then you need to take your future seriously.

Stop blaming others for outcomes you have created and save the casual clothes and speech for the weekends. Take charge of your life. Have some freakin' ambition! Push yourself to do better and don't let setbacks stop you.

You are the reason you are where you are and there is nobody in the world that should be responsible for your future other than YOU!!


  1. Impressive. Well articulated and spot on!

    1. Thanks Bookworm - I appreciate the feedback! :)