Sunday, August 25, 2013

Conservatives on the wrong side of the same sex marriage issue.

I have been racking my brain for the last several years to understand all of the hoopla with allowing people of the same gender to marry.

Being fairly new to blogging...I haven't really introduced myself very well, so just a few quick bits of info as it relates to this post.

(1) I am very conservative, but absolutely not a Republican or Libertarian. Republican's are not very conservative anymore and they waste too much precious time on issues like the aforementioned. Libertarian's have poorly relayed their platform over the last 20+ years to the point where most just think they are the pot smoking sect of the Republican's.

(2) I am personally against homosexuality and same sex marriage. What? did I just read that right....but your title suggests that..... yes I will get to that. Be patient. I personally believe that marriage is a union between one woman and one man. This is based on my personal journey in life as well as my religious upbringing.

With that being said....I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would waste so much time and in most cases spit so much venom to prevent consenting adults from living their lives the way that they choose.

Why would conservatives, especially under the current political climate, want to alienate a sector of the voting public? Now I understand that the religious right has quite a bit to do with this but we live in a country with separation of church and state. We also live in a country that is supposed to offer equal protection under the law. If we can't discriminate against hiring someone because of their sexual orientation than how can we tell them they can't enter into a contract?

Which is really my main point here....marriage (at least from a government standpoint) is nothing more than a contract. Don't conservatives always say that we need to keep the government out of our personal affairs? I guess that only applies for activities that they condone.

As I previously stated, I am personally (key word) against same sex marriage and homosexuality. However, I know that I have participated in things that others are personally against and I would tell them where they could stick it if they tried to stop me.

The wonderful thing about the concept of America (yes concept, because reality is usually very different than the romanticized view of something) is that I can be totally against something and as long as a person doesn't hurt me or my property than they can still do whatever they want.

If two guys or girls want to commit to marital bliss than I say "Shalom". (I have recently started embracing my Jewish heritage...but that is a completely different blog)

And I know....what about the federal benefits....this is all about just getting money...right? I call B.S. on that argument. There may be some gay people that would marry just for financial gain but there are probably just as many straight people that would do the same thing. My answer to that is get rid of the federal benefits to begin with. I don't want to pay for anyone's way and I don't take the time to make a distinction between gay and straight. Unless the benefits are earned such as a life insurance policy ect... In that case a person should have the right to leave their earned benefits to ANYONE that they choose.

So what's left to argue? Oh...that's right. "It will destroy the moral fabric of our society"! If gay people can get married than the sky will rain frogs and the oceans will boil! Really?!? bleah......

So....? um....we don't already have a rash of kids that are far to lazy and violent? We don't have a society that expects everything to be handed to them without putting forth the effort? This isn't caused by gay marriage. This is caused by the collapse of marriage in general by a liberal social agenda that rewards bad behavior with money. Welfare and food stamps have been used for many decades to allow promiscuous and lazy traits to thrive. While there are those that actually need and don't abuse these systems they are far outweighed by those that simply will not work hard to make their own way.

Gay marriage will not increase fact, I would argue that it would help to combat this. Two loving parents (regardless of gender) is still better than a struggling single parent home. I am certainly not trying to belittle the single parents out there who are doing a good job of raising kids on their own...but they are the exception not the rule.

This is why conservatives need to get with the program. This is 2013 and it us utterly ridiculous to be wasting so much time on a non-issue. Why don't we try to overcome more pertinent issues like...hmmm...the unemployment rate or the train wreck known as the Affordable (ironic) Care (also ironic) Act. Think of how much the right could expand its base if it would simply embrace free choice and personal responsibility, after all I kinda thought that was part of the platform anyway. Because currently conservatives have left the gay population only one choice in politics...and I have to believe that there are gay folks who don't agree with the way liberals run things.

Wake up conservatives!!! It's time to actually stand by the principles of freedom for all that you claim to support!

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